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UTV Services

The market for UTVs has widely expanded in the Northern Nevada off-roading community. UTVs are custom made to handle the most rugged terrain, and typically perform better than most other off-roading vehicles. However, just like with other 4x4 vehicles, there’s always some sort of improvements that can be made. Whether you plan to use your UTV for rock crawling, dune riding, racing, or on a hunting trip, we can help customize it just for you.

See how the experts at Silver State Off-Road can turn your stock UTV into a custom ride capable of handling even the most extreme trails. Connect with us today to set up an appointment.

UTV Customization Services

There are several modifications you can make to your UTV. Many of them include the addition of aftermarket accessories and performance tuning while others are centered around safety enhancements. Some of our UTV customization services include:
Turbocharging/Engine Enhancements
Roll Cages
Performance Tuning
Installation of Aftermarket Parts
Body Parts
Audio and Visual Solutions
Custom Fabrication
Wheels and Tires

Silver State Safety Protocols

Safety is always our main priority. Since UTVs are commonly used by families, we especially focus on ensuring they are completely safe before leaving our shop. We perform several safety checks throughout the maintenance or repairs of your UTV and then a final inspection must be done once repairs are complete. If we notice even a slightly loose bolt, we’re sure to recheck our work and rectify any issues present. After your UTV has gone through our extensive safety inspection and is okayed for quality assurance, you’ll be ready to head out on the next trail.
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Need help customizing your UTV? From performance and suspension packages to audio upgrades and lighting systems, we can fully customize your UTV to your liking. Contact our off-road repair shop to get your next project started.
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